Friday Jan 12, 2024

Episode 10: Saving a Golf Course

Welcome! In today's episode, we're honored to have Tom Coyne, Author and Golf Course Owner. Tom’s vision for reviving Sullivan County Golf Club in 2024 is nothing short of spectacular. With a focus on enhancing both the golfing experience and overall atmosphere, Coyne is set to transform the 180-acre, nine-hole course into a golf destination.

On the golfing front, Coyne is orchestrating a significant course renovation, including the creation of three new holes. The goal is to optimize the layout, taking advantage of the stunning topography and views that Sullivan County offers. With plans for sodding the entire course using a mix of grass strains reflective of its century-long history, the team aims to preserve the course's character while enhancing playability.

The project also emphasizes sustainability, mindful of the Catskills' rural landscape. Coyne's approach involves careful tree removal to enhance safety and improve golf quality. The commitment to responsible land management, combined with the use of organic inputs from partners like Toro and AquaTrols, sets the stage for an environmentally conscious golfing experience.

As Sullivan County Golf Club gears up for the 2024 season, it's not just about revitalizing a golf course; it's about creating a haven where golfers, families, and food enthusiasts converge to enjoy a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and exceptional experiences. The vision for saving Sullivan County Golf Club is poised to redefine what a golf destination can be.


Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction and Background (00:01:00 - 00:03:00):
  • Introduction of the podcast and guest, Tom Coyne.
  • Tom's role as an author and co-owner of Sullivan County Golf Club.
  • Gratitude for the community's support in saving the golf course.
Tom's Background and Golf Writing Career (00:03:00 - 00:08:00):
  • Tom's accidental journey into golf writing.
  • Overview of Tom's books, including "A Course Called Scotland”, “A Course Called Ireland” and a “Course Called America."
  • Discussion on the differences in golf sustainability views between the U.S. and Europe.
Challenges Faced by Sullivan County Golf Club (00:08:00 - 00:15:00):
  • Background on how Tom got involved with Sullivan County Golf Club.
  • Challenges faced by the golf course, the threat of closure, and the initial steps taken.
  • Importance of sustainability in maintaining golf courses.
First Year Initiatives and Improvements (00:15:00 - 00:26:00):
  • Addressing the immediate issues, such as course conditions.
  • Utilizing social media, marketing, and merchandise to engage members.
  • The impact of Toro and AquaTrols in making the golf course more sustainable.
  • The significance of storytelling in promoting the golf course.
Future Plans and Developments (00:26:00 - End):
  • Plans for 2024, including clubhouse renovations, restaurant integration, and golf course expansion.
  • The partnership with Bill Murray and Mike Madden.
  • Focus on creating a unique and enjoyable experience while maintaining the course's rural character.


Resources and People Mentioned:

  1. Sullivan County Golf Club
  2. A Course Called Ireland
  3. A Course Called Scotland
  4. A Course Called America
  5. Piccolo Paese

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