Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Episode 4: Creating Access for All

Dave Barton, the executive director of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, shares his journey and insights in making golf more accessible for individuals with disabilities. The National Alliance's mission is to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf through education, advocacy, and resource development.

Dave discusses the organization's resources, including an ADA checklist for golf course design, which helps golf course owners and operators identify ways to remove barriers and create accessible environments. He emphasizes that making golf more accessible doesn't have to be cost-prohibitive and encourages golf course operators to take small, manageable steps.

Dave also highlights the importance of the Golf Access and Inclusion Network (GAIN), a free community platform that connects golfers, programs, and organizations interested in promoting accessibility and inclusion in golf.

Throughout the conversation, Dave underscores the idea that making golf more accessible benefits not only individuals with disabilities but also golf course operators by attracting a broader range of golfers, including an aging population. He encourages operators to proactively seek information, use available resources, and reach out to organizations like the National Alliance for support in their efforts to create accessible golf experiences.

In a more personal context, Dave shares that his motivation comes from a passion for staying engaged, making a positive impact, and constantly learning. He values the mentorship and inspiration he has received from individuals he has met throughout his career, both in the military and the golf industry. Retirement is not on his immediate horizon, as he finds fulfillment in his work and the opportunity to make a difference in the world of accessible golf.

Dave Barton's dedication to promoting accessibility in golf shines through in this conversation, demonstrating the positive impact that can result from proactive efforts in this area.

Topics Covered:


  1. Introduction to the Podcast and Golf Sustainability (0:00 - 1:11)
  • Setting the stage for the podcast and discussing the dimensions of golf sustainability: environmental and social.
Guest Introduction and Background (1:23 - 3:07)
  • Introducing Dave Barton, the executive director of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, and discussing his background and journey.
Mission and Work of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf (3:13 - 7:30)
  • Exploring the mission, resources, and advocacy efforts of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf in making golf more accessible to individuals with disabilities.
The Golf Access and Inclusion Network (GAIN) (7:38 - 11:01)
  • Discussing the launch of GAIN as a community platform for golfers, programs, and organizations to connect and share information on accessible golf.
Creating Accessible Golf Environments (11:09 - 19:35)
  • Highlighting examples of golf courses and facilities making the game more accessible for golfers with disabilities, addressing physical and mindset challenges.
Steps for Golf Course Operators (19:43 - 24:10)
  • Providing actionable steps for golf course operators interested in improving accessibility, including utilizing the ADA checklist and seeking support from the National Alliance.

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